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La Violación

Kinda scary...but for once I agree with Donald Trump.  Someone take my temperature QUICK!

Regular readers here will know that I have some serious issues with Mr. Trump, not the least of which is that I don't trust anyone that refers to himself in the third person (in English, anyway).  I don't deny that he has exceptional business skills and in another life, he was likely a carnival barker.  However, I have grave reservations about his ability to convert those skills to a job that requires tact and diplomacy.  These, I think, are in rare supply in his personality toolbox.

That said, I agree with his nationalist impulses.  While I am one of the most diverse people I know, I also think that every culture should have a homeland that preserves and propagates those things which make every culture unique.  You see, though I enjoy many cultures and have learned a lot about them, I also think there needs to be a Texas for Texans, a Germany for Germans, and a China for Chinese.

I think everyone has the right to preserve and protect their unique culture.  God knows I jump through enough hoops living in a foreign country, both legally and culturally, but if I want to, I think I should have a "homeland" to go back to (or at least visit).  By "homeland," I do NOT mean those bozos and their ilk who infest airports and other public facilities across the US.

Where all of this rambling is going is to the point of Trump's joust with judge Gonzalo "Cielo" Curiel.  Seems the good judge is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.  Just so you know, the "la raza' part means THE RACE, as in (with these yodels) the Aztec race.

There are so many things wrong with this lawsuit, I hardly know where to begin.  One thing I am quite sure of is that La Raza is a deeply, profoundly, radically, nastily racist organization.  I don't care how many fancy words, like 'lawyer' and 'association' you put around it, La Raza is RACIST.

I have first-hand experience with these numbnuts.  They formed a political party back in the 60s in Texas, and I crossed paths with them many times while campaigning with my dad.  Thinking I was ignorant of Spanish (a mistake many people make giving me plenty of ammo when I need it), they always referred to me as "guero," which is slang for "white boy."

La Raza is, for all intents and purposes, the Latino version of National Socialists, or Nazis for short.  They believe in this mythical pipe-dream called Atzlan, which was a legendary place even to the Aztecs that was just 'out there' somewhere, waving a casual hand in the direction of North America.

These La Raza tea-baggers, though, actually believe that Atzlan was a real place and that they are going to reclaim it, waving a casual hand in the direction of the US Southwest.  Just like the Nazis, these putzes have convinced themselves that Azlan, like Valhalla, is their 'homeland' and that it needs to be reclaimed.

Reclaimed from their hashish-fueled fantasies.

All of this comes even before we start noticing that the prosecutor in the lawsuit is a member of La Raza, and that these bean-suckers also donated HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Like I said, there are so many things wrong with this case, it's like an onion with matching aroma that makes your eyes water.

I don't give a rat's patoot what color, race, creed, religion, or any other divisive group you care to use that you are, if you call yourself "The Race" and you seek to eradicate people who live in your imaginary 'homeland' that never existed, you are a racist fool at best, and an slime-sucking jerk-wad at worst.  As for Judge "Cielo," take your pick from that spectrum.

I have no idea what is up with Trump "University," but I guarantee that I would never have paid thousands of dollars to be a part of it.  And even if I did, guess what?  Buyer beware.  If there was fraud involved, I am sure that would have come out in a FAIR trial, but what we see here is a railroading, and I abhor the whole things, I don't care if it's Trump or Joe Blow.

The fact remains that La Raza is equal to the KKK, or the Nazis, or the Black Panthers, or any other racist group you care to name.  I don't truck with any other them, and they have no place in a civilized society.

But maybe that's at the heart of the situation.  Civilization itself is, and has been for some time, in decline.  I don't agree that what the Europeans did to North America was right in any way, but one doesn't fight racism with more racism.  And one certainly doesn't claim to want to restore some mythical lunacy like Aztlan.  Sorry boys, but there are/were lots of other native nations in the US Southwest that would/will take issue with your claims, beginning with the Lipan Apache, Comanche, Hopi and Navajo.  Your little La Raza fantasy can go suck lemons.

I'm all for Trump, or anyone else, getting a fair trial, such as they exist in the US.  This kind of deck stacking is inexcusable and so blatantly motivated by a serial criminal trying to cover her own tracks, not to mention the glaring racism coming to bear.

When/if Killary ever comes to trial, I would/will raise the same complaint if the judge and prosecutor are members of the Greater Minnesota Misogynist Association of America, Inc.  As much as I'd like to see, person rot in jail, the trial should at least have the IMAGE of propriety.  This Trump circus isn't even trying to hide the complete lack of impartiality.

Lest you have any remaining doubts about the fascist leanings of La Raza, remember that the American version grew out of Franco's Spain, and when it transferred to the Americas, evolved into an anti-Spaniard movement to rid Mexico of the "invaders."  The problem is, you look at a photo of Judge "Cielo" and you will see that he is most definitely NOT a Zapata native.  He is a Spaniard...a white boy...a guero.  He is a slimy enemy even to himself.  He is the worst kind of racist - one who can't figure out which race he is or which he wants to fight.

I know nothing about Trump but what I read in the papers.  But I do know first hand that La Raza is a nasty, racist, fascist organization that should be publicly castigated and the whole monkey trial thrown out or moved to a somewhat more circumspect-appearing circus ring.

Now I need a smoke to calm down.

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