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Bundy Jumping

One of the big reasons for controlling who wins the US presidential elections is being sure the new guy won't put the old guy in jail.  You will notice that no matter how rancorous the campaign rhetoric, once in office, new presidents never prosecute old presidents for crimes against humanity.

The Big Unspoken Fear in this year's US elections is that Donald Trump won't follow the Unspoken Rule and, at a very minimum, will go after the Clinton Crime Syndicate.  Given actions in the past, he may also go after Obama for not being native-born, among other things.  If it were proved that Obama did not legally hold the office, all the laws, EOs, PDs and other actions taken by him over the past 8 years would be vacated.  It would also undermine the pardon he is very likely to grant Hillary Clinton before leaving office if Trump wins.

Basically, the Gates of Hell would open with a Trump win.  All the war crimes and corruption of every administration from Bush the First would be fair game for prosecution, and there would be some very solid cases to make for throwing the whole lot of them in prison, if not goose-stepping them to the gallows, as Hillary has noted.

For those who don't remember, back in 2006, Bush the Younger bought a 300,000-acre ranch down in Paraguay, which conveniently has an extradition treaty with the US that provides plenty of weasel room.  Sounds like enough room for all the cast and crew of the past 30 years of Washington politics.  If Trump is smart, the first thing he will do as president is cancel all of their passports.  They will probably still have alternate passports, but at least that little secret would be out of the bag, too.

Rich despots always have back-up getaways, since they know their crimes will one day catch up to them and/or their progeny and cronies.  We know from Napoleon Bonaparte's experience that some countries even provide island getaways, as needed.  Oh sure, Bush might want to corner the market on fresh water in South America, but makes more sense to have a good supply of water for that city of criminals you are thinking of setting up down there.

What brings all this to mind is the recent acquittal of the Bundy brothers, who for our foreign readers, were part of a rancher group who took over a government land-management office in Oregon a while back to protest the government's policies and regulations that are running private farmers and ranchers out of business to aid and abet the corporate take-over of food production.  One of the members of this group was gunned down in cold blood on video.  This case may have further ramifications in the Clive Bundy (father) case involving an earlier stand-off.

I cannot stress the significance of this development.  This is the first time that the government has ever been publicly rebuked in a Federal District court by a jury siding with armed protesters, a right guaranteed by the US Constitution's infamous Second Amendment.  This is akin to the Branch Davidians, the Republic of Texas or Randy Weaver, or even Timothy McVey winning court cases.

The US government has a habit of picking fights with "radical" groups in order to hold them up for public ridicule, and more importantly, show the futility of fighting the System.  These highly-publicized "stand-offs" are held out as a form of psychological reinforcement of the notion that the US government is far too powerful to fight against, and you nasty little citizens should just knuckle under and take your medicine.

The significance of the Bundys being acquitted is that it represents a very high-profile defeat for the federal government in one of their psy-op campaigns.  This tells me that the mind control of the past 70 years is quickly wearing off and people are realizing that folks such as the Bundys are the canaries in the coal mine.  Jury nullification is one of the most powerful tools in the Liberty Toolbox, and seeing it get dusted off again is a sign that something fundamental has changed, at least in parts of the US.

While the media and most of the US citizenry were focused on the re-opening of the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton and her obvious treason, the real shot at Washington that is having profound effect in the halls of power, and probably one of the real reasons for James Comey's actions last Friday.  The Bundy acquittal has genuinely shocked the System into realizing the revolution is at hand.

If I am right, then we can soon expect a major change in the status of the Cliven Bundy case.  The government may reduce or drop charges, rather than risk another empowering moment for armed protest in open court.

More important would be the status of various cases involving income taxes.  The one thing the government cannot risk is for a wave of acquittals to hit their precious fear-inducing control lever.  The obvious extension of the Bundy case would be to extend jury nullification to cases where people refused to file taxes as a protest against government tyranny and empire.  That would be a very slippery slope for those who enjoy the mental chains installed on the psyches of the citizenry.  While the income tax has nothing to do with funding government - money can be printed and borrowed into existence at will - it has everything to do with psychological control and subjugation.

The significance of the Bundy case, in concert with the Trump Phenomenon and the Global Revolution currently underway, is hard to overstate.  Its power is further proven by the steadfast lack of media analysis and the somewhat subtle effort to sweep it under the proverbial rug.  In fact, one could also view the FBI action in the email investigation as being a grand effort to steal focus from the Bundy case and keep people focused away from real victories against government hegemony.

Furthermore, we should see an increase in prosecutions of public figures, such as Hillary Clinton, and greater pressure brought to bear on such cases to get convictions.

As I have stated repeatedly, Donald Trump is not a leader of any group.  He is a catalyst for a much broader movement against centralized power and global governance.  He has dared to say, from a very public and political platform, what many people have felt for a long time.  This has empowered a great many of the disaffected masses who have felt sidelined for far too long with no one on Olympus giving them voice.

As history continues to be written, we will see an exponential increase in cases like the Bundys and in criminal prosecutions of people like the Clintons.  The world is changing fast and tyrannical governments of the world are starting to feel the heat.  As Thomas Jefferson so rightly noted, lo these many years ago:
"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

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