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It's Revolting!

It really helps me get a grasp on reality once in a while to listen to Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage.  It often takes a healthy dose of non sequitur to reboot after reading the "news."  This world has gone completely off its rockers.

Here's how you know things are changing at a very profound and meaningful way: remember those Bundy brothers who took over a government office in Oregon, and one of the members was shot dead in a field in cold blood?  Well, they've been acquitted of all charges.  A few years ago, juries would have bought the government rubbish and sentenced these guys to life in prison.  Now, they aren't even spanked.  FULL ACQUITTAL.

This one case shows a profound change in the political sea-state of the USSA.  People aren't buying the party line and are turning against the government in nearly every possible way.  When folks start shooting back at cops, anti-government activists get full acquittals and broadcast network ratings are falling 10% to 20% year-over-year, there is a deep and unstoppable change coming, folks.

Maybe the fluoride in the water is weaker, or folks are buying good filters?  Maybe the anti-depressant craze is waning?  Maybe so many folks have been so shat upon that nutters like me are starting to make sense?  Whatever the reason, all the things that have been assumed for at least a few generations are no longer valid.

Remember the days when the Republican party represented the corporate bosses and landed gentry, and the Democratic party was the blue-collar, working man's champion?  Have you looked around America lately?  If you haven't heard Trump's Gettysburg Address, then you are missing one of the most significant landmarks in the American Revolution 2.0.  If you missed Michael Moore -yes, THAT Michael Moore - stumping for Trump, then you have not witnessed one of the most significant about-faces in American culture in decades.

What so many people are missing, because they are focused on Trump and the election, is the fact that a real, true revolution is underway.

I grew up with a grandfather and father who both told me the revolution was coming.  My father, the politician and historian, fed me full of triggers to watch for, so that I would recognize it when it arrived.  I have spent a fair amount of my life watching and waiting for those signs to appear.

They have appeared.

Not only have the corporate, political, religious and media self-appointed elites run themselves up on the rocks, but a man like Donald Trump has become a catalyst for a vast ground-swell of discontent.  Regardless of who wins the election, the tide has turned and it won't stop until it has run its course.  Even if Hillary's cabal succeeds and rigging every possible outlet and gets herself installed, she won't be able to take a breath without millions running to plug the holes in her head.

What is so unique and fascinating to me, though, is that the revolution is NOT local, regional or even national - it is GLOBAL.  This is an historic moment when the people of Earth - and not their enslavers - are coming together as the HUMAN race.  And the thing is, now that the masses have had small tastes of victory, they want a LOT more.

Brexit was a major victory.  Despite all the dire warnings, such as we are hearing regarding a Trump election, the Brits voted to opt out of globalism, and they economy is thriving because of it.

Here in Jakarta, an ethnic-Chinese Christian governor was elected a couple of years ago and started reforming government and eradicating/punishing corruption.  It's working so well that the Old Guard Islamic power-brokers are mounting national protests against a governor, and its having the opposite effect and the masses are rallying to protect the one person finally standing up to the entrenched powers.

The Philippines just told the US to go jump in the ocean.  If you don't have an historical concept of the bombshell that was dropped, go back and read about the Spanish-American War and why the US has been in the Philippines for the past century or so.

The Ukraine "revolution" was a complete washout.  The Russian "hack" attack was spotted instantly as a fraud.  The Trump "touchy-feely" scandal flopped.  The Icelandic Pirate Party is winning.  The EU is crumbling.  The BRICSA are creating their own financial system.  The International Banking cabal is on the run in nearly every country they have controlled for decades.

Everywhere you look, the Decrepit World Order is crumbling into dust, just like Daddy Bush and Henry Kissinger.

Win or lose, Trump doesn't matter.  His job is done.  He has rallied forces that will not stop now, short of a massive ET invasion - which I understand is in the works.

The revolution is upon us.  Quick!  Get the popcorn and picnic lunches ready.  Make sure the beer is chilled.  The next couple of years are going to be fun, no matter how you slice it.

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