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On Crystal Balls And Monkeys

15 October 2016 - For publication on 18 October 2016

With mere days left in US Election 2016, we here at Far Side Global Headquarters (FSGHQ) are prepared to issue our predictions for the coming month and beyond.  Brace ain't pretty unless you are a political atheist who enjoys watching people's illusions melt in the hands, not in their mouths.

Imagine the 2000 election on steroids.

First of all, Hillary will be taken out of the race in a very public and unequivocal way due to health problems.  This may occur around the final debate or soon after, so that it is quite visible and no one can deny it.

The Party Apparatchiks will quickly replace her with a new candidate.  We don't think it will be Kaine, but rather someone out of left field.  This will cause a rash of problems as the Dark Forces scramble to update all the infrastructure they've put in place to steal the election, including millions of voting machines and the networks that control them.

In part due to Hillary being taken out, and part to Trump already commanding a sizable number of folks, he will win the election on November 8th; however, it ain't over till the corpulent female yodels.  The mess with the voting machines and networks will expose the vast corruption behind the scenes.  The PTB will try to claim that the results are not valid, due to some kind of "interruption" of the voting process and the fact that it wasn't fair for the Democrats to run a campaign less than a week long.

On the other hand, the Trumpians and folks who believe the election is what it is will argue loud and long that "they paid their money and took their chances," and despite the obvious election rigging in favor of Hillary, a win is a win.

But that's not all!

Due to the Trump win, the Globalnuts will immediately start collapsing the economy like spoilt children who don't get their way.  Massive economic disruptions will start within days of the election and continue through the end of the year, at least.  They will also start riots around the country and promote "civil unrest" to show their displeasure with the American electorate.

All of this will cause an almost revolutionary call to dismantle the Federal Reserve and the banking system, but the fever will take on new highs when the election is declared invalid and/or some procedure is invoked to install Hillary in spite of the outcome.

At this point, New Hampshire, Texas, Alaska and Hawaii - and probably a few other states - will begin procedures to secede from the Union.  Texas, already having an independent power grid and large economy of its own with substantial gold and oil reserves, will call for independent-minded folks to move in and help out with the effort.

The media, beginning this week, will be in complete melt-down.  All their cafeful plots and plans will fly right out the window and things will only get worse from there.  During the ensuing chaos, they will try desperately to regain their positions as thought-leaders and gate-keepers, but the masses will simply tune them out.  They will be having complete conniption fits on-air as they try anything to get people's attention, but will find they squandered any respectability and influence in the past year.  For those who like to see pretentious, self-important grown-ups cry, this will be an absolute hay-day!

All power structure at the federal level will collapse.  The Obama administration and Congress will have no power, since the passing of the election will leave them marking time until new folks are sworn in in January.  In addition, the various agencies will polarize, seeing the chaos as an opportunity to express anger over the politicization of jobs they thought were honorable (e.g. - FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc.).  In short, the normal power structure will be unable to respond with either force or coercion, further eroding the image of fear they use to maintain power and control.

There will be a blatant attempt to seat the Democratic candidate as president in January, but this will only enhance the collapse, rather than quell the chaos.  Even die-hard Democrats will not support this person, because the corruption will be so obvious.

Meantime, the economic melt-down will continue apace, in part as punishment for electing Trump, and part because it was the plan all along once the elections had passed.  At some point, it becomes self-sustaining and no one will be able to stop the melt-down, kind of like a Fukashima reactor writ large.

Due to both its internal dynamics, and the extreme forces from outside, the Western banking system will shut down.  Having no weapons left to manipulate with, and having nearly the entire world hammering at it like Visigoths at the gates of Rome, banking corporations will start going toes-up in a domino effect up to and including the Federal Reserve, which will be blamed for most of the problems, economic or not.  Hordes of banksters and financial types will flee the country, while mobs of angry citizens surround their homes and offices demanding justice.

And that's about as far as we can see, since the damn monkey just ran through the hut and stole our crystal ball - cheeky bastard.

At any rate, probably not a bad idea to buckle up and get ready for the ride of a generation or two.  If you are the prepper type, forget it.  If you can't carry it without Atlas Van Lines, you'll just have to leave it.  Work on your brain instead, since no matter how much information you stuff in it, it never gets heavier, and you are highly unlikely to lose it unless you run into ISIS, but at that point, not much of anything will matter.  We prefer good back-packs with a camp shovel, a hammer, a saw, and one of each kind of screwdriver.  If you can't do something with those tools, then it ain't worth doing.  Don't forget your SpaceBlanket (tm) too.

From deep in the jungles of Borneo, this is your faithful correspondent bidding you good luck from the FSGHQ.

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