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Fear And Loathing In The Jungle

OK, folks.  Looks like we need a little remedial class in Terrorism 101.

FACT #1: Terrorism is ALWAYS sponsored by the ruling elite.
FACT #2: Popular movements don't get popular by attacking the populace.

In any REAL revolution, the opposing side will ALWAYS attack the people and symbols of the ruling elite.  The reasoning is simple:

A revolutionary wants the masses on his side.  If he attacks the masses, they will - by default - turn to the ruling elite for protection, thus empowering the elite the revolutionary is fighting.  In other words, if you are trying to overthrow the government, you don't do things that make the government look good.

Conversely, if you are the ruling elite, it serves your purpose to manufacture and unleash enemies who APPEAR to be revolutionaries.  When they attack the masses, the masses will turn to the ruling elite for protection.  The elite can then dictate the terms of the protection and the masses will follow out of fear/terror.

I know.  A lot of people out there didn't read Nicolo Machiavelli's The Prince, or Sun Tsu's The Art of War.  (read for free-no excuse now)  You should.  You would be amazed at how much of today's headlines start to make sense when you see the strategies behind them.

Fear is a powerful weapon.  People don't act rationally when they are afraid and will do pretty much anything to remove the object of their fear.  Think about the last time you panicked.  You probably did more damage in the panic than the perceived object of fear did.  It's like stampedes at concerts and football games, there's usually nothing that starts it but one or two startled people who panic.  Once the first person does it, the rest will follow.  It's like a disease that spreads incredibly fast.

Take, for example, the Great Hurricane Panic of 2005.  Hurricane Rita followed within weeks of the storm Katrina that chewed up New Orleans.  When Rita appeared to be heading for Houston, thousands - maybe millions - of people panicked and caused what is probably still the longest traffic jam ever recorded (350 km) trying to run from a storm that ended up knocking down some trees.  It was an unbelievable sight: people fleeing from a perceived threat and causing more problems than the threat ever did.  Oh, and Katrina was a completely man-made disaster, as well, brought on by official incompetence and mass panic.

Every one of those panicked people was listening to the government-controlled media and government "authorities" who were hyping the fear and purposely giving false information.  But hey, they got more toys and funding out of the deal, and I got hours of entertainment as I drove around taking photos and video of the lunacy.

It is a long-established fact that governments love terrorism, which is closely related to false-flag operations.  When the masses get panicked, their first instinct (at insofar as we've been trained) is to turn to "authorities" and "officials" for information and protection.  It's a primitive reflex and one that an individual has to work at to deprogram, but it is possible.

The next step is for the "authorities" and "officials" to offer solutions, and the solutions almost always involve surrendering some amount of self-dependence and rights to the same people who started the panic.

It's a vicious and deplorable act to use people's natural reflexes like that, but it is a tactic used for thousands of years...and it always seems to work.  By the time the masses wake up from their fear-induced stupor, it's too late and the shackles are already in place.

In the American Old West and into the Dust Bowl Period, the masses idolized outlaws.  This would not be the case if the outlaws were going around attacking everyday people.  Instead, they robbed banks and trains and post offices - symbols of power and control - and openly or not, the masses admired them for standing up to the "authorities" and "officials."

Conversely, after 9/11 and the subsequent "attacks," there has been a global push to give up more and more rights and to submit to the most heinous violations of individual privacy all in the name of stopping the "terrorists."  Now ask yourself, who/what has benefitted the most from those attacks?  Was it the terrorists, against whom the armies of the most powerful nations on Earth have rallied?  Or the governments and institutions of control that are enslaving the masses?  If you guessed the latter, then you would be right.

Do you think Osama bin Laden or al-Bagdadi or any of the other "terrorist" leaders feel successful in their graves?  Do you think the NSA, CIA, FBI, GCHQ, et al. ad nauseum feel successful?  Could there be a reason that it has taken 16 years and counting to rout out a handful of cave-dwellers?

Now the problem is, when people start to wake up and realize they've been played like a cheap piano, they get angry, and to protect themselves and their egos, they continue to submit to the "authorities" to make it seem as if it was a good idea all along.  They fool themselves into accepting the onerous iron rule of the elite, because to do otherwise would be to admit that they are dumb, panicky animals.

It truly is amazing to watch, if you are able to keep an emotional distance and not buy into all the "terror."  To see huge numbers of people panic and gaze hopefully up at the Olympian Heights for a savior just boggles the mind.  It is virtually impossible to snap people out of it, too.  They are either in a complete fear coma, or they are in profound denial to protect their egos.

In the end, though, it is painfully obvious who are the true revolutionaries and who are the terrorists.  The revolutionaries are the ones attacking the power structure, not empowering it.

As an exercise, start replacing the word "terrorist" with "authority" in your mind.

A couple of years of that and you'll be on your way to free thinking!

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