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Independence Day: Redux

Remember the Norway Spiral?  OK, hold on to that thought.

Whew!  Made it through this damn flu thing.  Strangest one I've ever had.  Symptoms came on like time-released waves, with cough followed by sneezing followed by fever by sinus goo by fever again by lung goo.  Lasted a full week, with residuals like stuffy nose and hack.  I've been swallowing vitamin tabs like Tic-Tacs and they've given me the energy to plow though getting some work done before collapsing in bed for 10 or 12 hours at a time.  Nasty.  Anyway...

I am so freakin' happy I don't live in the States anymore.  The election this year is, INSANE.  I can't think of a better word to describe what I'm reading over here in the relative safety of the Java Sea, south of the equatorial convergence zone (a.k.a. the Doldrums).

If you are a Hillary fan, then you don't want to hear that, at least outside the country and influence of the US media, Trump is running away with the election.  Trump has mass rallies with thousands of people, Hillary has "invitation only" events with hundreds.  She hasn't held any mass rallies in a while now because it is really obvious no one is taking her seriously at this point.

When you have someone like Hillary, who is so manically ambitious and actually believes she deserves the office for having been fired from the Watergate investigation team, with a career that goes quickly downhill after that, what you have is a wild beast in a corner who is ready and willing to pull out all the stops to win.

Behind her is a political establishment that is in the same position.  They never expected someone like Trump would mess up their best-laid plans.  Presidents are all carefully selected.  Elections are normally rigged by having hand-picked candidates on both sides of the "choice" spectrum.  If you remember waaaaay back to June of 2015, when this circus started, it was going to be another Bush/Clinton battle.  Didn't matter a whit who won, because the same people controlled both candidates.  Not this time.

According to any trustworthy polls I can find, Jill Stein is out-polling Hillary by at least single digits, while Trump is running away with 77% or better.

What with all the WikiLeaks fun, the national revulsion against the Democrats and the Clinton Crime Family and just the general disgust with the whole campaign season, one can easily imagine that Hillary is on the ropes and desperate to do anything to sink her claws into the Oval Chair.  Her life-long ambition is slipping away, and from the looks of things, she won't be around for yet another campaign.

So what I start reading about Operation Firesign, I am rather inclined to believe every word of it.

What?  Haven't heard of Operation Firesign?  Oh, you are missing some genuinely delicious conspiracy theories then.

If you aren't familiar with Project Bluebeam, then you missed one of the biggest conspiracy theories of the 1980s.  It posited that, using toys from Ronald Reagan's SDI "Star Wars" program, the Masters of the Universe would project holographic images of gods and UFOs into the skies of Earth to terrify people into submission.  You really should read up on it if you don't know about it.

Buried in the avalanche of WikiLeaks revelations are the musings of DNC insiders speculating on ways to finally steal the election they can't possibly win.  Plans include release of Cobalt-60 as dirty bombs, Islamic terrorists scaring people away from the polls, Black Lives Matter riots to keep people home, and release of the new improved Zika Virus 2.0.  Of the various options, the only one deemed to be effective at this late date was Operation Firesign, which would utilize the Bluebeam infrastructure to create an ET invasion on the scale and scope of the movie Independence Day.

The idea is that folks would be terrified, the election would be cancelled, Hillary would be installed for "continuity of leadership," and she would manage to repel the "invasion," thus becoming a global hero, as well as p-resident.

The whole thing seems really outlandish until you think about the scale and scope of what the globalists stand to lose.  Suddenly, it becomes quite plausible that those bastards would pull a stunt of this magnitude to ensure they maintain their increasingly tenuous grasp on the reins of power.  They have spent the better part of two centuries trying to perfect their evil plan to rule the world, and there is one big damn monkey-wrench called Donald Trump standing in their path on the final dash to the goal line.  All the other masks have been stripped away, what with the absolute melt-down of the mass media.  It stands to reason this kind of tactic seems quite plausible.

In an election year that has not only been the most bizarre in anyone's memory, but also captured the world's attention for the amazing crash and burn of US internal politics and decorum, who's to say something like Operation Firesign is actually being tossed around the halls of Olympus?  Only big problem now is the word is out, which means the last remaining option is to nuke the US and start a process that may likely destroy the entire Earth.

Hillary and the Globalists are quite obviously desperate.  What they are capable of doing is anyone's guess, but it stands to reason they will try just about anything in their power at this point to complete their take-over.  If not Operation Firesign, there is still ten more days of fun and games where anything can and probably will happen.  They can't kill Trump, because the only thing more powerful than one man is a martyr.  Trump is basically Obi Wan Kenobi at this point.

So hang on folks.  If you think this roller-coaster has been fun up to now, it's about to get a whole lot more so.  The big Loop-the-Loop is just ahead and the brakes are burnt out.  From here on, all bets are off.

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