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The Official Wet Works

Something is really bothering me.

Have you noticed in all these mass shootings that the "killers" are always deep-sixed?  Not a one of them ever makes it to trial so we can all get the full story.

Basically, the backstory and motivations are left entirely up to the media and government agencies to fabricate.  No evidence is ever given, no testimony taken, nothing.  If you ask me, this is all just too damn convenient.

I mean look: Lee Harvey Oswald was offed by Jack Ruby, who conveniently died of "cancer" before he could be brought to trial.

Charles Whitman, who shot a bunch of folks from the UT Tower in 1966, was killed before taken into custody.

How about Columbine?  Eric and Dylan toasted on the spot.  Sandy Hook?  Toast.  Orlando?  Toast.  And now, Dallas.  In fact, they even used a killer robot to do the job.  Oh, and don't forget Osama bin Laden.  Whether or not they actually killed him, the point is that he will never be brought to trial to testify against the "official" story.

Sure is convenient that all these folks keep getting offed, so that the "authorities" can make up any narrative they want and no one can gainsay them.  A little too convenient.

Why is it that no one gets captured alive?  Or just wounded?  Can't they aim for the arms or legs...something non-lethal so these violent criminals can be brought to justice?  After all, the Dallas killer would probably have faced a fate worse than death in prison.  If you watch the video of the robot killer, they went out of their way to wet this guy.  It took a full half-hour just to unload the damn robot!  Doesn't sound like there was any big hurry to cuff the perp.

There are a couple of dozen points on the human body that one can shoot that won't kill him, but will ensure he can't fight back.  A shot in the shoulder can make the entire arm useless.  There goes the ability to shoot back or even throw a punch.  As any member of the IRA can tell you, a shot the knee cap is guaranteed to hurt so much that you forget about anything else, not to mention cancelling his ability to run.

By killing these kinds of people, the "authorities" are creating martyrs that are impossible to kill.  It's a far more effective deterrent to put the guy through a humiliating public trial and then emasculating him with a nice long jail sentence.

Just seems no one ever questions why all these folks have to be killed.  Sure, it may feel justified, but why the hurry to shut them up before they get to trial?  I mean, it's like the 9/11 thing, where they started shoveling up the mess the next day without performing a proper crime scene investigation.  In fact, it seems that the "authorities" just can't wait to mop up the mess and go home instead of doing it the right way.

Either this is an indictment of the US justice system, where no one trusts the system to work properly, so the easiest remedy is to just shoot the poor sod, or there is something about the story they don't want to risk coming out into the open.  There's no other realistic options.

I guess stun guns don't work against the real hard-core baddies.

Anyway, something to think about on the steamy summer day in the northern hemisphere.

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