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Queenpin©® Ascendant

In yet another now-predictable upset, Hillary Clinton - and husband Bill - have dodged legal bullet.  Frankly, these have got to be the luckiest (or most corrupt) couple in the history of /American "jurisprudence."  Not even O.J. Simpson could have hoped for this.

In case you slept through the news, on the day after US Independence Day, Hillary was cleared of criminal charges in the on-going email scandal.  Apparently, American freedom now only extends far enough to cover certain privileged few.

Edward Snowden take heart.  You may now have precedence to claim a blanket pardon.

I am not the least bit surprised nor shocked.  In fact, I predicted that Hillary would skate some time back.  Hey, if hubby could dodge impeachment while at the same time blatantly committing perjury, it was only logical (in this white-is-black universe) that Hillary could not only be cleared of mishandling state secrets, but possible espionage and treason to boot.

As far as the rest of the world is concerned, the US no longer has any credibility when it comes to moral or ethical leadership.  Not that this was a singular event, but a long list of usurpations extending decades back have finally come to a head.

The clentchers were Bill meeting Loretta Lynch in private, and the following declaration by Hillary that Lynch had a job for life, at least if the Queen is elected.  And for all intents and purposes, it appears the US election is a done deal, as well.  Sorry, but even Trump doesn't have this kind of stroke.

I continue to believe that Hillary set up a private server and disabled all security options because her job was to feed insider information to a cabal of banksters and investors who needed to know key decisions before they became public in order to beat the market.  Hillary's exorbitant "speaking" fees have been nothing more than her cut of the proceeds.  Her biggest reward, though, will be getting crowned the American Queenpin©®.

If nothing else, maybe we'll get a new Marvel villain out of it.

There is one advantage here, at least for me.  You see, Indonesians have been under the impression that the US political system is a paragon of virtue compared to their blatantly corrupt system.  I've tried for years to disabuse them of this concept by saying it only looks virtuous because the scale is so vast.

Along comes the Queenpin©® and it is as if a fully-sighted man came across five blind men trying to describe an elephant.  All the pieces have suddenly fallen into place.

If the O. J. Simpson case showed that American justice could be bought, then Hillary has shown that all the rest of it is on the block, as well.  In some ways, it's a comforting thing.  Corruption is easier to deal with when it is plain and undeniable.  At least no one can labor under a false impression without willful ignorance.  How appropriate that the announcement came just after "Independence" Day.

Turmp may have money, but he has rules - porous and undecipherable though they may be.  Hillary has no rules and is focused like a laser on the one thing she wants more than any other: power at all costs.

I predict, therefore, that Hillary will be the next president of the US - and quite possibly the last, because her election will almost guarantee the secessionists will be loaded for bear.

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