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The Big Chill

It would seem that Approved Science is finally coming around to what we've been going on about for some time: the world is not warming, it's chilling.  As usual, though, they are hollering about "homo-genesis" and screaming for more grants and tax dollars to study the problem and propose a solution.

Oh, the hubris of these numbnuts, not to mention the disingenuous money-grabbing that has become so obvious in the climate "debate."  Witness such integrity in people like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio.  I daresay Jim Bakker has more credibility thumping his Bible.

If these were genuine scientists, rather than blood-sucking leeches, then they would come to the conclusion that seems strikingly obvious to us - that the Sun is entering a low-energy phase, which is re-invigorating the on-going Ice Age.

Around here, we have often noted that the Earth is currently IN an ice age, called the Pleistocene Epoch, with speculation that the planet is transitioning to the Holocene Period, and is still in the Quaternary Glaciation Era.

In other words, real scientists generally agree that we are still in the middle of an ice age and have been experiencing a "break" in the deep freeze for the past 10,000 years.  This lucky break has allowed human civilization to develop to its current state, but we are in no way out of the woods, as it were.

In the past couple of decades, the very long warming period has stalled out and appears to be reversing, possibly moving towards another glacial period.  Though for 30 years, Clap-Trap Science has been pushing Global Warming, the fact of the matter is that our civilization probably would not be what it is without that warming, which started roughly 13,000 years ago.

In the past week, a veritable avalanche (pun alert) of articles have come out with Approved Scientists suddenly jumping on the Global Cooling wagon (again).  A number of readers have sent links to various versions of this article, which we chose to link because it focuses on the mad rush to the Tax Dollar Feeding Trough.

For those who don't remember, in the 1970s, it was oh-so-vogue to jump up and down over Global Cooling.  Then came the Global Warming movement, which dovetailed nicely with the expanding Environmental Movement (emphasis on the "mental" part).  If the world could be made to bow to the Global Warming god, then things like car exhaust and factory emissions could be regulated with a much firmer grip.  Trading the farcical Carbon Credits became a related scam, allowing wealth transfers to low-tech countries in a "hide-the-sausage" Ponzi scheme.

Carbon credits also allowed rich dippy-doobles like Gore and DiCaprio to buy consciences as they jetted around the world to their various mansions, preaching on the evils of carbon footprints.

Those of us who have two or three brain cells to rub together, and learned how to read and research in school, were not fooled by all this quasi-religious nonsense, however.  A brief study of real geology and a look at the real greenhouse effects of CO2, told us that the public narrative was, at best, misguided, and at worst, a blatant and cynical effort at global social manipulation.

My more honest liberal friends, who could concede that Global Warming may be wrong (at least as it was being promoted), admitted that it was a good way to manipulate society into a more "green" lifestyle.

While I agree whole-heartedly with conservation and propriety, I vehemently disagree with manipulating people into action based on half-truths and outright lies.  Any action taken based on a lie will never have a good outcome.  Either people will learn the truth and react badly, or the results of the action will not be the desired ones.

The facts are that the Earth is in the midst of an Ice Age, and has been for a few hundred thousand years.  On the scale of human history, Earth's climate has been rather kind to humanity for the past 12,000 years, but this is nothing compared to geologic timescales.  Furthermore, any warming or cooling is well beyond humanity's ability to manipulate either way, at least insofar as the physics that we are allowed to learn.

The Sun's output varies over short, medium and long timescales, based on processes we little understand at the current time.  In addition, the Earth's orbital eccentricity oscillates quite a bit, and the planet's poles precess over thousands of years.  These three processes alone, without any consideration of the effects of life on Earth, lead to wild variations in climate over every scale you choose to look at.

And there's not a damn thing we can do about it.

The article cited about the slowing of the Atlantic Current doesn't even mention variations in Earth's rotation, which has changed measurably due to major earthquakes in Banda Aceh and Fukushima, even before considering other natural effects.  Anyone who has ever stirred milk into coffee should instinctively realize that even tiny variations in spin can have large-scale effects on currents - air or ocean.

There are a great number of variables changing at the moment - the Sun's output, Earth's spin rate and orbital eccentricity - that are causing widespread changes in Earth's climate.  They are occurring on scales that are either too large or too small for an individual to perceive, but they can and have been measured (see all previous links).  And none of them are affected in any way by human activity.

All the money that has been thrown at human-caused Global Warming could have been much better spent researching and understanding how all of these natural processes - individually and in concert - affect Earth's climate.

That natural processes have been used to manipulate society, enrich speculators and raise taxes is both cynical and criminal.  When told the truth, people will always act in their self-interests, which in the long run will benefit everyone.  However, actions based on lies causes wrong outcomes that either do not solve the problems, or in most cases, make them worse.

It is time to stop the Global Warming nonsense, shut down the Carbon Roulette tables, cut off the unnecessary taxation, close the spigot on Big Science grants, and start the process of real education, allowing society to determine what is best for itself.

Yes, there needs to be prosecutions when it comes to Climate Change, but not the so-called "deniers," rather the gangsters, grifters and hooligans who have sprung up to impoverish us using a terrible lie.

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