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Ambassador From Planet 9

I rarely plan it this way, but it seems that each week my columns take on a theme.  It doesn't matter if I write them all in one day, or if I wing it as the week progresses.  It just happens.

This week has played out as Space and Stupidity.  You are probably thinking, "Wait, didn't you just write about the RNC?"  Yes, that was the Stupidity theme.  Einstein, Star Trek and the rest all fall into the Space them.  And they both seem to overlap quite a bit.

Take today's rant, for instance.  "Scientists" say that Planet 9 tilted the whole Solar System...except for the Sun.  We need go no further than the first line to be knee-deep in Stupidity:
"A jealous Planet Nine may have shoved its siblings for attention. If a massive ninth planet exists in our solar system, it might explain why the planets are out of line with the sun."
You can be forgiven if you think this Planet 9 actually exists.  Reading the space headlines this past year would lead you to think this piece of fiction was already in the textbooks and that "scientists" had autographed portraits hanging on their walls.  Rather, it is - like nearly 90% of so-called astronomy - completely and entirely made up out of computer models.

In case you haven't devoted a lot of time to studying this issue, since roughly the 50s, "science" stopped being about OBSERVATION of the natural world, and started being about mathematical MODELS of the world.  In short, theoretical mathematics took over real science and started speculating on physical phenomena by building artificial Universes inside computers and mucking about with the variables to see if something matches what is really 'out there.'

In some cases, such as Type Ia supernovae, even the computer models can't make a star explode, but you'd never know that from reading the "official" narrative.  Hell, these supernovae are observed all over the stinking Universe, to hear "scientists" tell it.  Same with black holes, gravity waves and a bunch of other stuff.

For the most part, "scientists" have created their own version of Genesis and have spent the better part of the last few centuries trying to wedge the real world into their fantasy stories.  It is NOT science.  It is nothing more than ancient tales of thunder gods banging the heavens with their magical hammers, and they've got the mathematical models to back them up.

Here's a perfect example  The media and "scientists" love to ridicule folks who don't believe in Evolution.  What they never tell you is that there is little or no proof for evolution.  Most of the story is based on a handful of bones - and I do MEAN handful.  No one has ever witnesses one species evolving into another.  Oh sure, there are mutations, but no bacterium has ever spawned an amoeba; no dog has ever given birth to a cat; and no goose barnacle has ever spontaneously generated a goose.

What Darwin actually said, and which most folks don't know because they've never read Origin of Species, is that WITHIN a species, certain mutations can be favored if it provides better adaptation to the environment.  He never said that the environment would favor certain mutations to the point that birds became lizards.

The sad part of all these rants on "science" is that the average person is so inadequately ignorant of what "science" is that he/she takes all of this speculation and mathematical wizardry as the Gospel truth, and I say Gospel truth because "science" and the Bible are pretty much the same.

Planet 9 is complete fiction.  It has never been observed and not even its shadow has fallen across a telescope's mirror.  All it represents is an attempt by a handful of people to explain some phenomena using only gravity as their whole and complete toolbox.  And as the saying goes, when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Ultimately, this is the biggest problem with modern "science."  Whether it is global warming or Planet 9 or some other pop panic, the facts are completely occluded by computer models and speculation.  These things are complete fictions or half-truths based on flawed observations and assumptions.  Even worse, they are presented to the public as facts and are used to justify billions of dollars in grants and public funding for projects that can never be verified or may never produce results at all (see SETI project).

It is critical that people begin educating themselves on the real facts and begin to dismiss "press release" science for what it is - science fiction.  Furthermore, parents should take an active role in demanding that schools offer real science programs and not the finger-painting and basket-weaving farces that currently pass as science education.

Most importantly, we must all turn off the spigots of public funding.  Our taxes are literally being shot into the sky for nothing of value in terms of real research and science.

As far as I am concerned, Planet 9 is STILL Pluto, and nothing the flat heads in academia say will change my mind.  A planet orbits its star directly.  Period. End of story.

And mathematical wizardry and computer models are not proof of the existence of anything, except maybe a gullible population willing to have its tax money wasted.

I mean honestly, they talk about this stuff like it's real!  Either these guys are hallucinating, or they are scamming the entire world!

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