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Offense Or Defense?

Well, it appears that Dallas is once again the center of a major sniper attack.  This further confirms my contention that the Red River should be re-routed south of the city and the whole mess conceded to Oklahoma.

More to the point, though, there is a deep, steaming pile of bullshit around this shooting.  Half the folks are blaming the cops, the other half are blaming this or that race or group or ideology.  I have a rather different take on things (surprise!).

I had a cousin who was a cop, now retired.  In the line of duty, he never once drew his gun in 20+ years of service.  Of course, this was back in the days when cops wore button-down shirts, trousers and in street clothes, looked like any other person in a crowd.

Nowadays, cops in the US wear black para-military uniforms, shave their heads and treat every individual and situation as a terrorist threat.  In addition, most cops now are former military and don't understand civilian law enforcement.  Not that they are supposed to, though.  The government now considers all civilians a threat and acts accordingly.  With a bunch of trigger-happy paranoid soldiers doing civil patrol, it's no wonder people are getting shot right and left.

And no, it's not a white or black thing.  That is a media lie designed to get everyone fighting each other while the "rulers" hide the sausage in the halls of power.  I even read one article that claimed the NRA (National Rifle Association) weren't jumping up and down about the Castile killing because, even though the man was licensed to carry a gun, he was black and the white cop was acting out of racist prejudices.

Good lord.  What a lost society America has.  I don't remember the NRA jumping up and down over Waco either, and that was a bunch of white folks who had licenses to manufacture guns being bar-b-qued by white FBI and BATF federales.

As much as the media are trying to make all this a "race" thing, the truth is it's a police training issue.  They are told they are at war on the streets and are trained to be so paranoid that they will shoot you for scratching your nose the wrong way.  Doesn't matter what color you are.  Hell, I've had a "black" cop draw down on me and damn near shoot me because I laughed at him, simply because I drove an extra 100 meters to get off a major road and onto a quiet and safer back street, instead of stopping and surrendering to his "authority" the minute his lights came on (I beat the ticket too).  It was a pure power trip on his part and had nothing to do with colors.

A large number of US cops today are war veterans who don't have many other options when it comes to jobs.  Amazingly, there's just not a lot of positions for trained killers who don't know much else.  Furthermore, the rules of combat are much different from civilian law enforcement, but these people are given military weapons, armor and taught that everyone is out to get them.  This is trouble waiting to happen.

In fact, many people suspect, as do I, that this is the plan.  "Civil unrest" is easily used as an excuse to curtail liberty and inhibit freedom.  It's a very old tactic.  The Romans used it.  The Nazis used it.  The US is using it.  All empires, in their dying days, become paranoid and start causing problems in order to justify clamp-downs on domestic populations, because it's just easier than worrying about all these damn liberties.

One could argue rather easily that this militarization of civilian law enforcement has been in the planning and execution phases for a long time.  Huge military build-ups under Reagan, followed by endless wars starting with Bush I have produced a large number of ex-military who are then funneled into civilian policing.  The militarization of the police then creates an equal/opposite reaction in the populace, which tensions bound to boil over at some point.  Especially with paranoid trigger-happy cops shooting everything in sight.

This is not a matter of "white" cops shooting "black" citizens.  It's a matter of all cops shooting all citizens because they've been trained to react that way, first in the military, then on the beat.  It doesn't help that government is making everything, including breathing (produces CO2), illegal.

To all of this, add TeeVee shows like COPS and all the rest that glamorize this behavior and condition folks to accepting lawlessness and over-heated responses as normal.  Top it all off with media that loves sensation and blood and guts to draw eyeballs, and you have a potent stew of conflicting goals clashing on the streets of Dallas.

Now, for the real conspiracy buffs out there, any reason not to think that the Dallas snipers were positioned by federal agencies at a Black Lives Matter rally to stir up racial division and promote gun control?

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution made it a sacred right of the people to own firearms, because every man was supposed to be trained to fight, should the country ever be invaded.  The other part of the concept was to ensure that the people had the ability to defend themselves from out-of-control governments.

As difficult as it is to admit it, wern't the Dallas shootings really just citizens protecting themselves from tyrannical government?

Time to start asking the tough questions, don't you think?

By the way, go read 18 USC 521, and compare the federal legal definition of "street gangs" to what we generally see of cops in the US.  Makes for an interesting thought experiment.

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